Get a Gastric Band without Surgery

The most important thing for successful weight loss program is not how much hours spent on the gym or what kind of food you eat but it is what inside your mind. Yes, it is about behavioral change and that’s the most challenging thing to do. There are many people unable to stick into certain diet management or have no time to work out on the gym while they are concerning about their overweight problem. Many of them seek for a shortcut like gastric band surgery.

Gastric band is a proven surgical procedure helping weight loss but it is quote invasive procedure with possible risks and side effects. Moreover, that kind of procedure may cost you lots of money and not to mention the recovery period you need to deal with. What if you can get a gastric band without surgery and its side risks? This is what Slimthinkers offers to you. Off course, it is not an actual gastric band procedure but it is a Gastric Band Hypnosis using NLP technique. This program focuses in behavioral change for a successful weight loss program. It is like your brain believes you have a gastric band without an actual one.

This program is targeted point blank to what really matters: your mind. It is the key to behavioral change and it helps you to learn and make the changes to your perspective leading to change in your lifestyle. How this program works? You need to join Slimthinkers by visiting its website. There’s an offer for 21 days program you can do at home. Yes, you will get the package for guidelines of NLP and hypnosis you can do yourself. Follow the program for 21 days and you will find yourself a significant behavioral change. No more suffering diet and no more suffering on the gym. You can live your daily life happily with better lifestyle while losing weight effectively and healthy.

Older method for hair transplant

Natural-healthy-hairWhat would you do to grow your hair as long as possible? Eat healthy food? Take basketfull of vitamins and supplements? Drink plenty of water a day? Or other way; buy expensive, harsh chemical hair products? After going through all this it is obvious that you will expect result but what if, it would give only an inch of hair growth in seven days? Evertime these products might not get successful for your hair. A lot more you need to do, for increasing the volume of your hair, such as you must know, how to moisturize your hair. Question arises in ones mind is that how to know what are the products that are usefull for your hair? Depending upon the usage product depends upon variety of things such as:-

  • Density of hair
  • Texture of hair
  • And porosity

Online medical consultation serves a perfect solution for your entire medical problem. There are many leading clinics where you can get information regarding hair transplant in bangalore . Different hair type, needs different hair care regime, and they respond to them differently because each has different and unique characteristics.

But as all know “ OLD IS GOLD” older techniques are more into consideration and shows more result as compared to the new ones. There are techniques that improves results are 1) reharvesting of punch hair grafts from previously maximally used donor, scars are first harvested within the excised and grafts are cut in three or four rows. 2) retransplantation of grafts that are previously transplanted in bald scalp with enough laxity to be reduced by serial scalp reduction.

The current method for big plug corrections is to use a punch to subtract the large plug partially or fully and then connect it the plug in tiny grafts before putting it back. Patients main intention is to have a natural looking hair with maxium density as they have invested half of their earnings in transplant.

Lets have a look in detail on the older techniques:-

1.      Punch / Standard Grafting:-
·         Punch grafting is a technique in which 4mm punch is used for the removal of cylinder of hair – bearing skin, which means that punch graft that contains 12 to 30 hairs, from the donor area, that is situated in slightly smaller recipient area punched out of a cylinder.
·         From the receiptent area bald skin is removed, in which the holes are kept as it is to heal by itself.
·         This is the method termed as hair transplantation that was used for 25 years, it includes growth of hair in bald areas but compression of the grafts after the skin is healed, often led to a “pluggy” look that gets better after two or three more sessions in the same area; whereas, the hairline still looked abrupt.
·         Hair with coarse texture or dark hair might still look pluggy after the 4th session.
2.      Minigrafting / Micrografting:-
·         Mini graft is a process in which grafts are prepared after one or more strips of skin excised from the donor area
·         Mini grafts are placed with the help of needle, scalpel into slits in receiptent area
·         One mini graft on an average contain 8 – 10 hairs, they are cut to fit into the receiptent area
·         Most of the experienced surgeon, when they undergo mini or micro grafting they donot use microscope they do this procedure with their naked eyes or they prepare it with simple magnification
·         To complete the whole area nearly 2 – 4 sesions are required, while the transplanted hair if you observe doesnot look pluggy with mini grafting as it looked in punch grafting but it still, does not bear close observation the way follicular unit hair transplantation does, especially after the beginning stages
·         Micro graft is still used by many surgeons in hair line and mini grafts are used behind them
·         This method is said to be less demanding as well as less time consuming than FUT hair transplantation

3.      Scalp Reduction:-
·         It is termed as a process in which the area of bald skin is cut of and removed from top and back side of scalp whereas, the resulting gap in between is stitched
·         Only some of the hair transplant surgeon use it as an aid since scalp reduction also reduces the size of the area that requires hair transplantation.
·         Scalp reduction process is not used frequently because of faour main reasons-
Ø  Painfull procedure
Ø  “stretch back” leads to loss of effective volume
Ø  Baldness programme a formerly bald crown will again become a bald crown but there will also be an unnatural scar.
Ø  Stretching of skin that leads to spreading out of donor hair, which means that less donor hair can be moved to the most cosmetically important frontal area at one time or possibly forever.
Whether a patients pluggy look is the result of earlier hair transplantation, he may present it to the doctor with a request to repeat the revise plugginess to ntural. If the person is suffering from continuous hair fall since the earlier surgery then that may be a part of hair restoration.


Schaumburg Police Hire Social Workers to Provide Resources for Addicts

It is commonly known now in Chicago and in the state of Illinois in general that Illinois and Chicago in particular has one of the worst drug addiction and substance abuse problems in the entire nation. This is quite saddening though the truth of the matter is real enough that many of the various counties and suburbs and cities in and around the greater Chicago area have engaged in various all out efforts to prevent drug addiction and substance abuse from spreading outwards and into different various areas. One of the major programs in the Chicago area that was adapted to assist in drug prevention was the wide plethora of social work programs that Chicago and the greater area in general has. Another one would be to join or get advice from a drug rehab Chicago free when you have your first consultation with a recovery specialist.

Elgin was among the first suburban police departments to hire social workers in the 1990s, and today there are more than 30 agencies including Carol Stream, Naperville and Schaumburg in the Association of Police Social Workers. These police social workers have begun an all scale, all out battle against drug and alcohol abuse in Chicago, particularly with heroin abuse.

The work consists of providing free crisis intervention, counseling, legal referrals and referrals for community resources including shelter, mental illness, substance abuse, parenting and much more, all having to do with and surrounding substance abuse. All of it is free for Elgin residents too. This area also runs a monthly resource program for juvenile officers and started a group that meets quarterly to examine homelessness from a community perspective and from a drug abuse prevention standpoint as well.

The interns run an anger management group for boys and an after-school social skills group for girls, both at local middle schools. But most importantly, the focus with police social workers is now mainly intervention, prevention, counseling services, and a promoting awareness about drug abuse to create grassroots campaigns to end addiction and substance abuse once and for all.

A follow up survey from 2012 done by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), found that no less than sixteen million people of the age of twelve and over reported using oxycodone for non medical purposes at least once if not more in their lifetime. This marked a sizable increase from the previous year obviously. Unfortunately, the problem is not just a growing concern for adults either, adolescents and teens comprise a significant portion of those abusing these substances and studies also show that this age bracket is far more likely to die from prescription drug abuse than older adults are. Certain measures must be taken in order for especially young individuals to stop abusing and overdosing from prescription drugs even illegal drugs and therefore can get help at a drug rehab referral service. It is important to have an idea of how harmful certain substances can be especially prescription drugs and you can get all this information on how a drug rehab in Chicago can come to your aid with a free drug rehab in Chicago.

There is no doubt that drug addiction and substance abuse is on the rise. To stop it, it will take efforts like the above to really make a difference once and for all in cities such as Schaumburg, Illinois.